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Advanced Verbal De-escalation Training

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  • Advanced Verbal De-escalation Training

    Price: $150.00

    One-day Advanced Verbal De-Escalation Training

    Course overview

    The training is focused on key principles of mitigating risk associated with violence in the workplace. We use a dynamic tactical communication model integrated into the practical training.

    The advanced Verbal De-escalation training will provide a robust and reputable 8 step tactical communication model for participants to apply in the role play scenarios.

    Elements covered

    • Assess conflict
    • Negotiate Conflict
    • Evaluate Conflict response. 


    Outcomes of conflict (Negative and Positive);

    Sources of conflict (Personal differences, Information deficiency, role incompatibility, environmental stress);

    Common reasons for customer aggression – Emotional rage, Rational choice and Random violence;

    Cultural factors impacting on how we communicate with others;

    The art of persuasion – here we move into the strategies of generating voluntary compliance through the use of the 8 step tactical communication model;

    Verbal and non-verbal communication – the impact on communication through non-verbal cues (body language);

    Active listening – demonstrating that you are listening (Clarification, Questioning, Repetition, Paraphrasing);

    Proxemics and spatial awareness;

    Sources of power – (Referent, Legitimate, Coercive, Reward, Expert);

    Introduction to 8 step tactical communication model; and

    Practical application of the 8-step communication model using professional actor (Scenario based).

    We can customise the training so that the scenarios are relevant to your organisation’s context.

    PCT has delivered this training to various government departments and organisation’s including, but not limited to:

    Department of Fisheries;

    Department of Transport;

    Department of Health (North and South Metropolitan Hospital Services);


    WA Insurance Commission;

    City of Perth Rangers;

    City of Greater Geraldton;

    Department of Commerce; and

    Department of Mines and Petroleum.

    Cost: $150.00 pp (no gst applicable)

    Numbers: Minimum number of 8 participants per course and capped at no more than 20 participants

    Suggested Time: 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.

    Theory test and practical assessment to be undertaken in order to demonstrate required knowledge and skills.

    Please feel free contact us if you require any further course detail or information.


    Advanced Verbal De-escalation Training
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