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Private Investigator and Government Investigations Training

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  • CPP30619 Cert III in Investigative Services

    Price: $1,695.00

    This investigations course provides an advanced qualification for individuals seeking entry into the dynamic field of private investigation. This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to conduct comprehensive investigations relating to a diversity of contexts - criminal, OHS, covert surveillance, civil matters, missing persons, insurance fraud, risk management and government and corporate compliance.

    To become certified in investigative services, private investigators must know the law in which they operate and have skills to gather and record information. The processes by which an investigator gathers their evidence is subject to independent scrutiny, and as such, must meet the strict integrity and ethical standards incumbent upon them. All private investigators must be licenced by the WA Police Service.

    Course Details

    Paragon’s approach to delivering this course focuses on in-class instruction and practical learning units such as, taking witness statements, operating a surveillance vehicle and gathering evidence, gathering information through factual investigation and locating subjects.

    Course Units 

    Work effectively in investigative services
    CPPINV3027 Develop investigation plans
    CPPINV3028 Investigate and locate subjects
    CPPINV3029 Provide quality investigative services to clients
    CPPSEC3124 Prepare and present evidence in court
    Comply with regulatory, taxation and insurance requirements for the micro business
    CPPINV3033 Conduct covert surveillance operations
    CPPINV3034 Organise and operate surveillance vehicles
    CPPINV3035 Develop surveillance investigation reports
    HLTWHS003 Maintain work health and safety
    PSPCRT007 Compile and use official notes
    PSPSEC009 Handle sensitive information
    CPPINV3030 Conduct factual investigations
    CPPINV3031 Conduct interviews and take statements to support investigations
    CPPINV3032 Develop factual investigation reports
    CPPSEC3101 Manage conflict and security risks using negotiation

    Course date:  08-19 March 2021   


    It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any prior experience in the investigative industry. Paragon Corporate Training will provide you with the underpinning knowledge relating to all legislative requirements as well as provide you with investigative skills such as taking statements, conducting surveillance, compiling comprehensive reports and giving evidence in court.

    It is important that you have access to a laptop computer with word.doc so you can access the tasks and theory tests that will be provided to you on USB as part of the course.

    Let us know if this is an issue for you and we may arrange for you to borrow a computer lap top for the duration of your course.

    Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

    RPL is a form of assessment that assesses the competency of an individual that may have been achieved through formal or non-formal learning. This is used to determine the extent to which the person meets the requirements specified in the training package or accredited course.

    If you wish to apply for RPL we will require an up to date resume detailing your experience, any qualifications you may have, third party testimonials and any further evidence that you may have. We can then advise what is required in order to obtain the qualification and the cost.

    If RPL is granted for any of the units in the qualification then an RPL Questionnaire is required to be completed to demonstrate you have the knowledge for the particular unit. This is a requirement by the Training Accreditation Council and the WA Police.

    If you are interested in this process please contact us for further details.




    CPP30619 Cert III in Investigative Services
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