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Security & Risk Management

CPP40707 Cert IV in Security and Risk Management

CPP40707 Cert IV in Security and Risk Management

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Price: $1,695.00 - RRP: $1,695.00

Units of Competence for Cert IV in Security & Risk Management. Core units in bold. You need to complete 11 core units and 4 elective units. Other than bold are electives

1 Establish effective workplace relationships BSBWOR401A
2 Promote team effectiveness BSBWOR402A
3 Develop work priorities BSBWOR404A
4 Manage a safe workplace in the security industry CPPSEC4001A
5 Implement effective communication techniques CPPSEC4002A
6 Advise on security needs CPPSEC4003A
7 Monitor and review security operations (In class day course) CPPSEC4004A
8 Facilitate workplace briefing and debriefing processes CPPSEC4005A
9 Assess risks (In class day course) CPPSEC4006A
10 Assess threat (In class day course) CPPSEC4007A
11 Identify and assess security of assets (In class day course) CPPSEC4012A
12 Coordinate business resources BSBADM409A
13 Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies BSBCUS401A
14 Manage Conflict through negotiation CPPSEC3006A
15 Undertake case management of investigation CPPSEC4013A

How will I go about completing my qualification for Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management?

Students can be provided with their units on a CD or in hard-copy if you prefer. Students can then work through each unit at their own pace completing the various assessments for each unit. On completion of each unit the student can then forward their assessments to their facilitator either by email or post. Comprehensive feedback will be provided to each student along with model answers. The major assignments for this qualification will require the student to select two operations from a choice of three and undertake a realistic risk assessment covering the principles outlined in AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management principals & guidelines. These have superseeded AS/NZS 4360:2004. The student will also be required to provide a comprehensive report to their client about their risk assessment and will also develop an operational plan for managing a major public event.


'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it' - George Santayana 1863-1952 - US (Spanish born) philosopher

Operation: GOLF CLASSIC.
The Maylands Golf Club provides the site for this prestigious event and your task is to complete a security and risk assessment for a four-day golf tournament featuring three high-profile players. This operation will actively engage you in a real-life task of assessing threat and evaluating risk. You will be asked to complete a security and risk assessment on the Golf Classic and provide recommendations to help mitigate risk. Comes with virtual interview (DVD). Great for distant learners.

Operation: GOLF CLUB.

The Maylands Golf Club provides the location of buildings and other assets for this operation. Your task is to identify and prioritise assets, evaluate existing security measures, assess threats and evaluate risks and provide recommendations to mitigate risk in detailed report form. Comes with virtual interview (DVD)

Operation: MATRIX.

Operation: MATRIX. (Information Technology)(with DVD) Your client – Adam is the CEO of a small training business called Matrix Training Services, which relies heavily on the use of computers to develop and deliver training to his clients. Your task is to conduct a security and risk analysis on the IT set-up of the business focusing on storage of information and vulnerabilities of the business such as virus protection, back-up processes and the like. You will provide recommendations to mitigate risk in detailed report form.

For some units there is no student guide as the assessment has been integrated
into the three major assignments, of which you will select two. You will be asked to complete these operations after you have completed the above units.

Your assessments will involve real places and real people along with virtual interviews with your client to make this training a unique learning experience


Costs: $1,695.00

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