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Security Officer, Bodyguard, Cash In Transit and Firearms Training

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  • CPPSEC3008A Control security risk situation using firearms (both semi automatic & revolver accreditation)

    Price: $950.00

    CPPSEC3008A Control Security Risk Situations Using Firearms is an elective unit which is part of Certificate III in Security Operations course. CPPSEC3008A is a unit that will be required for work within the armed cash-in transit industry as well as for the carry of firearms within other agencies in Australia.

    Course Details 

    The firearms training course teaches participants how to determine when to use a firearm to respond to a life-threatening situation. To complete the firearms training course, participants will need to demonstrate their ability to analyse risk factors and intentions of persons and to maintain and store firearms and ammunition in accordance with legislative requirements. 

    This unit will form part of the licensing and legal requirements for the use of firearms by persons working in the security industry in states and territories where these are regulated activities.

    The firearms training course covers

    • legal implications of possessing and using a firearm within a workplace environment
    • demonstrating skills when using a firearm including, but not limited to, firearm safety, practice dry shoots, live fire range shoot, stripping, cleaning and maintenance of firearm.

    The training has a well-balanced approach to learning how to use firearms. The course caters for people who have never held a firearm before to experienced officers looking at refresher training. 

    Course Duration

    Day 1: Maintain firearm safety. In-class theory both firearms - (in-class)

    Day 2: Draw firearm. Semi-Automatic practical drills - (in-class)
    Day 3: Draw firearm. Revolver practical drills - (in-class)
    Day 4: Discharge firearm and Evaluate firearm use. Full-day at the shooting range - live fire assessment for both firearms.

    Course Dates 2-4 December 2019

    Course of Fire

    The course of fire stipulated by the WA Police Service is as follows:

    Discharging of firearm at 2 metre, 4 metre, 6 metre and 8 metre distances from the target.

    Students will fire approximately 200 rounds plus, of factory ammunition.

    Firearms system used in training
    Glock Gen 4 (40 calibre) Self-loading Pistol
    Smith and Wesson (.357/.38 calibre) Revolver

    All ammunition is provided, at no extra cost.

    Paragon Corporate Training and our firearms instructors are approved by the WA Police Licensing and WA Firearms Branch to conduct this training. Corporate firearms licence # 9990951

    Regional Firearms Training

    PCT can deliver three day firearm training as well as re-qualification training in all WA regional areas. Costing will be dependent on a variety of factors, such as travel and accommodation. Please contact our office to discuss your particular needs.

    If you would like further information about our Firearms Training Course, please complete the online enquiry form or contact us on 08 9227 5125.

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