Mechanical Spatial and Abstract Interactive Reasoning Game


This text provides an overview of key principles associated
with psychometric testing relating to spatial and abstract


By applying the principles outlined in the examples to other
abstract problems the candidate should more readily identify
rules and relationships.
Our aim is to facilitate the following learning outcomes.

  • Identify individual elements within a group of
  • Identify a rule connecting a set of figures;
  • Complete a number of test questions by applying a
    rule connecting a set of figures;
  • Apply techniques aimed at increasing the speed at
    which logical rules are generated (the faster a person
    generates solutions, the higher the probability of a
    correct answer—in a given period of time);
  • Increase the number of elements a person can keep
    track of in responding to an item (span capacity).
    Someone with a larger span capacity than someone
    else can take into account more figures without making
    errors and hence has a larger probability of a correct


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