I just wanted to say thank you very much to you all for your help. I thoroughly enjoyed the Cert 2 in Security Operations course and I learned a lot. It was one of the best courses I attended, even in my 20 plus year NZ Policing career. It is a real credit to the professionalism of Paragon Corporate Training Team. Please pass on my thanks to everyone.

It Just does not get anymore professional and friendly than Paragon Corporate Training.  I have recently been involved with some shocking so called “RTOs” who just wanted to take my money…..AND DID. Please, I speak from true experience, don’t use any other company other than Paragon. Craig and his staff are bloody brilliant. They WILL NOT let you down – D Powell

Thank you for conducting the course, you are a very knowledgeable man and I walked away with a fair bit of knowledge to help me and an asset to Paragon.  Thank you  Scott Johnston  City of Perth

I chose Paragon to do my security training and after 2 weeks I left with a high amount of knowledge that when I sat my SAIWA test I passed with flying colours. Thanks Again everyone at Paragon Corporate Training for teaching me everything I needed to know and 2 weeks went so quickly and it was fun indeed….I will miss the muffins lol. – Angelo

I recently completed my Cert 2 Security certificate in Security and Crowd control. I found Craig and Neil very helpful and very professional. Let’s not forget the office staff Katrina and Poonam who were very helpful with answering all my enquiries. Warm regards Jason Hiscock

I was very impressed with all the friendly helpful staff at Paragon. I highly recommend them for security training. – Tony Stevenson

It was a great experience and I was very pleasantly surprised with the knowledge and experience of Craig and Neil.  Thank you very much for everything and of course the ladies in the office which were more than helpful with everything!!!! 5 stars all the way!!! – D Kordic

I recently participated in a security course with Paragon Training, I sat my SAIWA exam today and got everything correct.  There was nothing on the exam that was not covered within the training.  Many thanks for all of your help in the past few weeks.  – C O’Driscoll

I found the whole Paragon Team to be very professional and a pleasure to learn.  They made the whole security training course fell unstressed and easy to absorb, there was no aspect I could fault.  I’m already looking to come back to my next cert add on or any future courses I undertake.  Best regards – M Stafford.

Thank you again for everything you did for this class.  Your dedication to the group is greatly appreciated and I, for one, felt very prepared for the SAIWA exam – D Anthony.

Massive thank you to the Paragon team for the Cert II security course.  The knowledge these guys have and the way they deliver it is brilliant and I can’t recommend them enough.  Looking forward to joining the Cert III course to develop my career.  Thanks guys keep up the good work.  – C Johnson.

Enjoyable training delivered in a professional manner. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get qualified! Thank you guys for all your help!!”  J Lai.

Test all done, passed, In and out in 10 minutes. Thank you to you all for your professionalism and help. Can’t find fault, will definitely recommend Paragon to my friends and all future training I will do thru your company.  J Farrar.

Just advising you all, I’ve successfully completed ‘SAIWA’ Security Testing!  Could you pass my best Regards onto Neil, Craig and yourself, for all of your patience & support, before, during and even after the Course, I was on. Without you all, none of this would have been possible.  Much appreciated and your collective front in Paragon, makes it a wining combination.  S McBride

A big thank you to Craig who used many ways such as giving examples for each and every section of the course in order clearly understand the roles of a security officer or a crowd controller. I highly recommend Paragon Security Training to anyone who is trying to get their license. – Manveer Singh

My son recently completed the cert II security course with Paragon Training. As a result he has decided to pursue a career in the security industry. It was his feedback about the course, course content and trainer that has impressed me the most. Paragon Training has delivered not only professional well structured training they have incorporated a balance of theory and practical elements that clearly support those wishing to enter into the security profession. Well done Paragon Training. T Keating Superintendent Security & Emergency Management BHP IO”

Thank you very much for your top class service during the Cert 3 course that ended on Saturday. From the administration by the ladies, instruction by Neil du Rand to the final exercise was executed professionally. Thank you for your contribution to uplift and maintain the standard of the Security industry in WA

Much appreciated.Johan Burr-Dixon

Hi Craig,

I do not know that you remember me! Danny Gloede from Sandstone you trained me February this year I thought I would drop you a line. Started my security job two weeks ago and was assigned to the Kalgoorlie hospital for the first ten days. During that time every day was dealing with drunk and abusive people, suicidal abusive people, abusive people on drugs my job was to protect Doctors,Nurses all staff and patients from them and I do not need to tell you how physical it becomes. The experience in life I have had over the years and your excellent training method held me in good stead, so thank you and keep going hard. I can also say that some of the people in my group probably would not have coped, thanks again.

Regards Danny

Had a fun two weeks learning the Ins and outs of Security with Paragon, Instructors were great and shared a few good stories in security, giving us all an idea of what the job’s like and when time came for the SAIWA test, I passed it with full confidence in my answers.

Regards BeyBlaide

Very pleased to have conducted my training for the Certificate 2 (Security Operations), White Card, First Aid and RSA with Paragon. After speaking with officials from NPB and Confido, they recommended this RTO as number one!

Big thank you to the ladies in admin for the support and advice. As well as a big shout of appreciation to Craig, Neil and Richard who were fantastic instructors with an impressive portfolio of industry experience.

They had confidence in me, and was able to pass the SAIWA test quite easily!

Will definitely be back for the Certificate 3 sometime soon!

Marc Guevarra

As you both know we always push people to doing there courses at Paragon, and that mainly came from me doing the course there many years back. However since doing a course there again last week. My rating of Paragon is even higher. I personally want to give my thanks to Neil, as his knowledge and the way he kept the class including myself engaged the whole time.  Confido Security

Thanks heaps team. A lot easier than I expected. All thanks to the team at Paragon. Will recommend you to one of the boys that’s looking to do cert 2 security. G Potoi

Just wanted to say that I have passed my test

Thank you so much again for this amazing course , all you guys have been so lovely . Say hi to everyone and I am wishing you all the best , take care  MONIKA


I would like to take this opportunity to express how great a pleasure is was to be a part of this course for the past 12 days.

Each and every person involved has played a vital role in the successful completion of my certificate requirements. I would like to thank PARAGON, all the course instructors, especially Neil Du Rand (my instructor), staff and management for their support, encouragement and for the knowledgeable time I have spent in PARAGON. I am taking with me lots of great memories, Thank you PARAGON  Z Tallis


Once again I must thank all of you at Paragon for such a well run course, I got 100% on both parts of the SAIWA test and I owe it to the way you guys presented the material. Much appreciated!

Cheers Milo

Your approach, presentation and integrity to subject and training object was first class. I very much enjoyed the limited time and interaction I had. I am sure you are justifiably proud of what you have and the quality of students that graduate. I highly will recommend to any and all looking for a professional training establishment to put Paragon Corporate Training first on their list.

All the best, Eddie

On behalf of the security team and other members of staff who were participants in the handcuff and oleoresin training I would just like to thank you and Justin for the presentation of the course. Unfortunately Albany is no longer the sleepy backwater it used to be. Our team here hope we do not have to use cuffs or foam, however, we now have a very good knowledge of skills and requirements for their use. Again thank you.
Graham Briggs, Security Officer, Albany Health Campus WA Country Health Service

To Craig / Team,
This Letter is to send my deepest gratitude and thanks for allowing me to participate in the Paragon Corporate Training Program. Your professional approach to my RPL request was extremely helpful. John was great to work alongside with he was very professional and clear in all lectures I hope during my time your staff have a positive reflection on my application to my studies and general demeanour. Now as Area Manager for Prime Group Security I would like to thank you for allowing my fellow colleague and I the opportunity to come and present our company opportunity to the student moving forward I would like to send great recommendation out there to any person considering Security as a new career move to take on and enjoy the experience yourself and your team have to Offer.
Kind Regard’s, Classic Riwai, Area Manager, Prime Group (Aust) PTY LTD

Good Morning , Thanks for your email. Some of our best new officers have come through Paragon so on behalf of Intiga Security I’d be delighted to attend.
Cheers for now, Operations Manager – Intiga Security.

Pass on my thanks again to Justin for the professional manner he went about delivering this course. Everyone got a lot out of the training with a few sore bods the next day.
Regards, David Henke, Senior Ranger – Department of Parks and Wildlife- Cervantes

Dear Mr Craig,
I would like to take this opportunity to greatly commend the amazing tutoring I received from your senior instructor John Djuric, during the Cert II in security Operations which ended on 13/2/14. John’s knowledge and real life experiences were impeccable in mentoring me and the others during the course. Furthermore, he has given us great motivation to move forward and succeed within the security industry. His instructorship was paramount during this course in helping me understand the positives and negatives which revolves around this industry. John was just an absolute gem to work with and is possibly the best instructor I have ever had in terms of training and induction. Kudos on employing such a knowledgeable staff to run your course. We know for sure that we are getting nothing but the absolute best from him and your school. I will definitely recommend John and Paragon training to anyone who wish to do their cert II in security training.

Regards, Marc S

Hi Craig,
I hope you are well. This letter is just to express my deepest gratitude and thanks for allowing me to participate in the Paragon Corporate Training program. I would have written sooner but my life is so hectic with constant, high study demands. Paragon was by far the best educational experience I have ever had and I learnt a lot during my time. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to fulfill the S.R.M course on my own. I hope during my time, yourself and all the staff there have a positive reflection on my application to my studies and general demeanor. Craig, I wish you all the very best for the future. I am definitely considering enrolling in the Investigations course as well, it’s just the whole state system here not recognizing your fantastic training is quite a farce. It’s become quite the ordeal to get this all done, I’m not there yet but I’ll get there in the end hopefully. Wherever I go, and people I come in contact with, I’ll always hold Paragon Corporate Training in the most positive light. Thank you very much once again.
Kindest Regards, Michael

Hey Craig,
I know it’s been a few months since attending your courses. However, I had been thinking about emailing several times. I wanted to say, that I really enjoyed the course(Cert II) not knowing what to expect, it was quite fun really. Mind you having young Sara with me made the day go by with lots of laughs as you well know. I am now employed with Argyle Diamond Mine up here in Kununurra. It’s very different to what I envisaged. But I am learning. We need to know the mining process to some extent as we follow operators around in High Risk Areas and we need to know what and how things should be. Mostly keeping an eye on Safe work practices. Very interesting actually. Please say thank you to your ladies there in reception for being so kind and helpful, and a huge thank you to Phil and yourself. I would definitely recommend your courses to anyone who asks.
Thank you again and cheers, S. Darcy

Hi Craig,
Thanks for the kind email. I will be paying from the RPL next week if that’s ok? I’ve always appreciated the high level of training that I receive from paragon. It has help me greatly in my field of work. I’m sure I will be back in your training facility in the near future for my refreshers. Thanks once again.
S. Marsh

Good Morning Craig,
I recently completed my Cert II (Security/Crowd Controller) with Paragon, and would like to convey my thanks to your entire team for the high standard of tuition and support received. I would also complement you on the number of hours dedicated to role-play exercises and the excellent course structure. I have already recommended Paragon to others, and will continue to do so. I personally will be returning in the near future to complete my Cert III, and eventually the Cert IV as well.
Kind regards, J. Shearman

I would like to extend my appreciation to you and your staff for the assistance I received today, your professional approach to my requests was extremely helpful. It is rare to receive such quick and customer focused service like I experienced at your office today.
Kindest Regards, Craig Highlands

Thanks for the feedback on the letters. I appreciate the time taken to improve the reports where needed and just to respond to my emails. Thanks again for the course and the manner in which it was run.
Regards, Greg Dickerson.

Hi Craig/Team,
I am just writing an email for a course I participated in on the 11th of June the Cert 2 security course.
The reason I am writing this is to congratulate your team for the way the class was taught and the help they gave us.
The insight from their real life experiences and helping us to understand how crucial using the correct techniques in dealing with difficult situations are.
They were very approachable and friendly when it came to any questions or issues we had which made the environment not only comfortable but very welcoming and friendly as well , I would be excited to attend the course daily to lean new things. One of the highlights for me was the first aid course this is something I have done a lot of due to my background and I have to say the delivery method as well as the role plays was much more enjoyable and helped to make everything stick in my mind alot better rather than just sitting there and been talked to.
Again I would like to congratulate your trainers for their fantastic teaching and all of the insight they gave me, There knowledge is invaluable and you are very lucky to have found such great members for your team.
Kindest Regards, Rick Persson.

That’s great. Thank you so much for the course, your teaching methods are the best I have ever come across and you made it very easy and comfortable to learn. . Thanks again, Daniele

Hi Craig,
Just a quick email to say thanks for the professional way the Cert 2 Security course was delivered. Everything about the course was impressive, especially from the standpoint of someone who has been out of mainstream learning for a few years and has only been in Australia from the UK for 3 months! The materials were relevant and clear to understand, the structure of learning made everything slot into place and the practical side of each unit was delivered via realistic and informative role plays. I would strongly recommend Paragon Corporate Training to anyone who wishes to further their knowledge in this field. From the friendly reception staff to the excellent modern facilities at your Training Centre it was a very pleasant environment to obtain my Certificate 2. Thanks again and every success in the future.
Elizabeth Upson, Cert II in Security Operations

Good Morning Craig,
I would like to say thank you for the excellent way in which the course was conducted. I personally found the course to be well structured, informative and fun. Thank You.
Regards, Ed DeVere

Hi Mr Mackellar,
I completed the CERTII in Security Operations and just recently received my accreditation through the WA Police and have started work already. I thought it pertinent to let you know that I found the course very well run and that the lecturers were very “believable” and focussed on the reality of crowd control and security services rather than just the theory.
Certainly I would recommend your company to any prospective student.
Kind Regards, Graeme Harwood, Cert II in Security Operations

Dear Sirs,
I have been seventeen years a custodial officer and an assistant Chief Officer, working in prisons where it is vital to have a working knowledge and ongoing training. I need to tell you how exceptional your teaching is. I came away from the defense course feeling very secure about my skills. The trainer went to great lengths to demonstrate every move plainly, he was continually assessing how each one of us was coping; so we could each achieve what I would describe as an individually high level of proficiency. Mr. Netes approach to teaching Senior First Aid was equally outstanding. I am proud to hold Paragon Security Certificates. In fact, whenever I enquired in the Industry which course is the safest and the best, every one of them recommended yourselves! That speaks for itself and I can see why.
Yours sincerely, Kenneth Byrne, Cert II in Security Operations

Just a quick note to say thanks for the Security Cert II Training over the past week. The team and I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt plenty. You certainly know your stuff and was able to adapt a lot of the principals into our specific site environment. We were very happy with the standard of training and the way in which we were instructed. Hope to do business again should we require any more training.
Cheers, Tim – Emergency Response & Security Coordinator – BHP Billiton, Cert II in Security Operations

Paragon Team,
I would like special thanks to go to the trainers at Paragon. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the experience, especially the Defensive Tactics. It has bought back good memories of previous training and incidents (both old and recent) and highlighted the different techniques used by various agencies/ departments along with how quickly skills can diminish over time. It is truly wonderful to recieve essential, professional training in a timely manner that exceeds other modern delivery methods.
Kind regards, Naomi Harding – Cert II in Security Operations

Dear Craig,
I want to say thank you for the best short course I have ever taken in Australia. I think your attitude towards students deserves some kind of teaching award. I would mention very professional and complete materials, and good teachers. Especially Patrick. He has very good energy. He is professional, strong and kind. People in our class loved him the best Of course, many thanks to Andrew for his experience and knowledge. All the best to your organization and your team.
Kind Regards, Roman Mesherrycof – Cert II in Security Operations

Hi Craig,
Thank you – particularly for fitting me in at such short notice. As one who has written extensively about the poor quality of training currently available to the security industry in New Zealand, I have been most impressed by the professionalism of Paragon and the quality of your instruction. Thanks again.
Regards, Keith Mexsom – Certificate II in Security Operations

Hi Craig,
I have just completed my Certificate II in Security Operations with your company and just wanted to firstly thank you for such a rewarding experience that I will take away with me for many years to come. I was particularly impressed by the positive culture of your organisation and the enthusiasm from our trainer throughout the whole program, to which his structure was both very informative, comprehensive and entertaining, a very difficult combination. I have participated in similar training programs with other organisations in the past, but can honestly say this is the first time I have looked forward to returning for further training. I would recommend Paragon to anyone who wants both a fun and gratifying experience, and to be educated by an outstanding team from a Superior Training centre.
Thanks again, Christie-Lea Simpson

I would like to say how much myself and the other Security Officers appreciated the self defence and OC training we received last Monday. At RPH we have had a pretty good system for escorting and restrainting people over the years, but lately issues have risen with these techniques. The Paragon course met these short comings by teaching simple, easy and direct applications which we were able to practice over and over again. The weapons defence was straight forward and practical, the OC training basic and uncomplicated. I hope RPH Security will be able to train with Paragon in the future.
Regards, Roger

The cert 2 course I attended last week was one of the best courses I have ever been on. The instructors professionalism, passion and knowledge of the subjects taught could not be faulted. If I get the chance to send business your way I will.
Cheers Keven Duley

I put together a SMEAC plan for the ‘Bunbury Port Open Day’ held last week. It involved seven Security Officers and was well received by them. My employer and the Port Authority were also very impressed. The SMEAC ran to plan and was highly successful.
Cheers Peter.

Hi Craig,
I thoroughly enjoyed the day and thought it was excellent value. The balance of theory and ‘Mat time’ was spot on for our level of experience. Scenario’s were realistic and well directed. I (we) also were impressed with the level of expertise shared and the peer to peer style of teaching imparted to the participants.
We would be more than happy to revisit training with your organisation for future re-quals.
Cheers Kim Venning, OH&S Rep, Security Unit, PMH/KEMH Hospital.


Thank you for the excellent training I received for my Cert II course. The practicals were great I learnt a lot from the hands on approach to the course. I was recommended to come to Paragon for my training as they are the most reputable in the industry and now I know why the service and training is exceptional.

Kind regards,

Good Afternoon Craig,
Firstly I would like to thank you for your assistance and expert knowledge which has led to a timely close to the Crown Security Training Audit. This has enabled our Department to collate information to assist in training needs analysis and our core requirements to obtain the correct certification requirements for our officers. The Database you collated for this Department has now been adopted by the Security Department and has been increased by the way of additional information. This is an excellent tool for tracking our Officers progress and development. Once again thank you for your support and 100% commitment during this period as I am fully aware of the strict timelines we had in place to achieve our outcomes. I look forward to continuing our partnership with various projects that currently are in progress.
Kind Regards, Training Manager, Security Department, Crown Entertainment Complex.

Hi Craig,
Just a quick note to let you know i have received my certificate. Thank you for making this a pleasurable experience.
Take care, Katie Dalton.

Hi Craig,
Doing these few assignments has been a definite learning experience and very enjoyable. Thank you again for all your help.
Cheers, Jenni Kinnane.

Thanks Craig,
The course was very informative and I took alot from it. Expect to hear from me in the future in relation to cert 3 and also the police prep.
Ashley Tutt.

Dear Craig,
I would just like to say that I have enjoyed doing the course under your guidance and that I would recommend you to any other interested party.
Thanks, Gary Chaffey.

Good afternoon Craig,
I would like to formally thank you for the high standard of professionalism and quality of resources that was experienced recently whilst I was completing my Certificate II in Security (Operations) through Paragon. I found the training resource kit was well suited to my work current schedule, and the material was easy to understand and related well to the requirements for the security industry in it’s current existence. The feedback from yourself when assignments and assessments were submitted was timely and of great benefit. The DVD showing the various aspects of security operations, including mine site access, nightclub / concert venues and hotel operations gave a wide overview of the roles faced by the security officer of today. I would most definitely recommend the Paragon training model to anyone looking at receiving their qualification, that requires to have the flexibility to complete their training at their own pace, with scenario training that brings all the theory together in a practical aspect. A well run course that was fun to be a part of.
Many thanks again, Brendon McLaughlin, ESO Coordinator.

Thank you very much Craig,
Great course by the way, learnt a lot of techniques that will come in very useful.
Kind regards, Dave Fryer.

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