The benefits of obtaining a Certificate IV in Government Investigations.


To put it simply, government investigators may be, ‘compliance officers in a government agency, inspectors in govt agencies, authorised persons under specific legislation, shire rangers, fisheries officers, etc), who gather information and evidence to determine if an offence has been committed, pursuant to the legislation that they may be investigating.

These investigations can cover various areas such as criminal offences, (fraud, corruption, stealing, assault), as well as misconduct investigations, (workplace bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, and other ‘code of conduct ‘ breeches.

Government Investigators explained:

Government Investigators collect evidence, such as statements from witnesses and gather further evidence such as documents, photos, video etc, with a focus on proving the elements of the alleged breach (misconduct) or offence (criminal).

Government investigators work within the powers and constraints of Federal, State and Local Government law,

Their role is to investigate potential criminal or regulatory violations, and to take appropriate action to address any issues or risks identified during the investigation.

The specific responsibilities of government investigators may vary, depending on the investigator’s  area of expertise.  The agency they work for, and the nature of the case they are investigating may be quite different, such as a criminal investigation v’s a misconduct investigation.

Some investigators may be responsible for conducting background checks, while others may specialise in forensic accounting or digital forensics. Regardless of their area of expertise, government investigators play a critical role in maintaining the integrity and safety of the government sector, and in upholding the rule of law.

Government Investigator tasks can include:

  • Analysing, interpreting and applying legislation. 
  • Utilising digital and data technology and systems. 
  • Running workplace investigations and handling various workplace relations matters. 
  • Utilising laws, principles and protocols associated with the workplace an investigations into bullying, discrimination and harassment. 
  • Using consultative skills to manage complex matters. 
  • Working independently and collaboratively. 
  • Interviewing individuals related to cases. 
  • Utilising conflict resolution skills whilst upholding laws and protocals. 

Cert III vs. Cert IV vs. Diploma

If you’re deciding which course to enrol in, then you need to consider the following:

The main differences include:


This qualification is an entry-level qualification for individuals who are interested in working in the private investigations industry. It covers the basic skills and knowledge required to conduct investigations, such as conducting surveillance, gathering and analysing evidence, and writing reports. If you’re looking to simply get your foot in the door in investigative services, this is a great entry-level qualification.

PSP40416 Cert IV in Government Investigations:

This qualification is designed for individuals who work or want to work in government agencies responsible for conducting investigations. Certificate IV is a supervisory level, covering a range of skills and knowledge required for conducting investigations in a government environment. This qualification also covers the legal and ethical requirements for conducting investigations within a government context.

PSP50416 Diploma of Government Investigations:

This qualification is designed for experienced government investigators entering the management level.  It covers more advanced topics such as managing complex investigations, conducting forensic analysis, and preparing cases for prosecution. This qualification also covers corruption and fraud control and management responsibilities in coordinating and managing an investigation team.

Where to obtain Certificate IV in Government Investigation

If you’re looking to obtain your Certificate IV in Government Investigation, look no further than Paragon Corporate Training. Offering a wide range of courses for security, risk management and investigations training.

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