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Our Security Course Benefits

Nationally Accredited Security Training

Paragon Corporate Training is a Perth-based registered training organisation (RTO No. 50900) with Training Accreditation Council of WA (TAC WA). Our nationally recognised security, investigations and risk analysis/management courses offer essential and advanced qualifications in all areas of security, that lead to mandatory licenses for security guard, crowd control, body guard,  risk consultant, private investigator, & accredited firearms for cash-in-transit (CIT)

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Experienced & Qualified Security Trainers

Established in 1996, Paragon’s Security Trainers have over 35 years of experience both in the workforce as law enforcement officers (Police) and as trainers, holding BA & Graduate Diploma university qualifications in their fields and extensive operational experience in the security, risk management and investigations industries.

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Pursue Your Career In Security

Whether you’re pursuing a career as a security officer, in crowd control, cash-in-transit, bodyguard, firearms or a role in security risk analysis operations—with Paragon Corporate Security Training, we’ll get you there.

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security courses in perth

Security Courses

Why Choose Paragon For your training needs?

Each security course is tailored to meet your personal/business objectives.

Paragon’s experienced security trainers are committed to your success, ensuring you’re confident and ready for SAIWA testing (Cert II in Security). Upon completion of the security course for Certificate II in Security Operations, you will feel confident, capable and in control to ‘smash’ the SAIWA test.  Paragon’s record (success rate) in student’s passing this test is 100%, second to noneYou will be ready to take on your career.


Security Courses - Frequently Asked Questions

I have no training, where should I start?

If you’re completely new to security, you can begin with our Certificate II in Security Operations Course (CPP20218). This will include First Aid Certification. From here, you will then complete the competency exam (SAIWA) – don’t worry, we’ll ensure you feel confident to complete the test with ease. After you’ve passed your exam, the final step is to complete your Security Licence as well as your Crowd Control Licence application with WA police licensing.

How do I become a security guard / crowd controller in Perth?

To become a licensed security guard / crowd controller in Perth, you must complete the relevant security training (CPP20218) and pass the independent SAIWA test (Security Association Institute of WA).

To be eligible for the security licence you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Be fit and healthy;
  • Have a current First Aid Certificate; (Provided as part of the security training)
  • Have evidence of your completion of a Certificate II in Security Operations with an approved training provider
  • Have successfully completed a written examination based on the content of your training course. (SAIWA test)

Once you’ve fulfilled the above requirements, you will apply for the license with WA Police Licensing Department.

How long does it take to do a security course?

The Certificate II in Security Operations course (CPP20218) takes 14 weekdays to complete with the SAIWA testing taking up to 2 weeks to complete depending on when you book. Although the SAIWA test is only 45 minutes long, it can often take time to process. Police licensing can take 3 or more weeks to process your licenses. We recommend  allowing up to 4 to 6 weeks from training to getting the license from WAPOL.  This is an estimation and times frames may change. 

How much does it cost for a security license in Perth?

There are several costs involved in acquiring your security license  with WAPOL. Firstly, there’s the costs involved in obtaining the correct supporting documentation (proof of age, passport sized photos, overseas police clearance) as well as the relevant certificate in your chosen field. 

Depending on the security position you choose (Security Bodyguard, Crowd Control, Investigator etc.) will determine the certification you need to acquire. Once you have completed your training, applying for SAIWA costs approximately $76. Additional training and certification is always available if you choose. 

Once these costs have been made, you will only need to renew your licence every 1-3 years.


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