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Nationally Accredited Firearms Training

Paragon Training is a registered training organisation (RTO No. 50900) with the Training Accreditation Council of WA (TAC WA). Based in Perth, all firearms courses provide nationally recognised learning with the most up-to-date materials. Choose from accreditation in semi-automatic, revolver, requalification or, all of the above.

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Experienced & Qualified Firearms Trainers

With a combined total of over 100 years of experience in both operating firearms and training students, our small team of firearm trainers are highly qualified to give you the skills required to safely and legally carry, operate and maintain revolvers & semi-automatic pistols for security purposes in Australia. Adopting a professional, patient and encouraging teaching style, our goal is to help every student attain their certification.

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Beginner To Expert Firearm Training

Whether you’re looking for requalification, to refine your current techniques or enter a completely new career in security—our range of firearms training courses are catered to all skill levels. For complete beginners, PCT provides comprehensive 3-day courses. For experts, we provide single-day refresher courses to get you back up to speed. Upon completion, regardless of your skill at the beginning of the course, you will feel confident to maintain safety, draw firearms, discharge firearms and evaluate firearm use.

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Firearm Courses

Why Choose Paragon For Your Firearm Training Needs?

Established in 1996, here at Paragon Corporate Training we have built a reputation for being Perth’s first preference for security courses. With a refined and comprehensive curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities, highly qualified instructors and a history of positive feedback and excellent reviews from customers—Paragon Training must be your first choice. If you’re looking for quality firearms training, you will receive that at Paragon. Check out our Google reviews with well over 200 x 5 star reviews.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is firearm competency training in Perth?

Firearm competency training in Perth refers to the training and education that individuals must complete in order to legally use firearms in Western Australia, pursuant to a Corporate Firearms license. The training is designed to ensure that individuals understand and comply with the firearms act & regulations, as well as to promote safe and responsible use of firearms.

The training typically includes instruction on firearms safety, handling, storage, transportation, and the legal responsibilities of firearms ownership. The training will also include practical exercises such as handling, loading and unloading of firearms, and live round shooting conducted at an authorised firearms range.

In Western Australia, a person must complete a firearms safety training course and pass a firearms competency test before they can apply for a firearms license. The test will also include a background check and a series of questions about firearms safety, handling, storage and legislation. The training is provided by firearms training instructors accredited by Western Australia Police.

It’s important to note that firearms are a deadly weapon and should be treated with respect and caution. Proper training can help ensure that individuals use firearms safely and responsibly and comply with the legal requirements of firearms usage in Western Australia.

What jobs do you need firearms training?

In Perth, Western Australia, there are several jobs that may require firearms training as a prerequisite for employment. These include:

  • Law enforcement: Police officers and other law enforcement personnel are required to complete firearms training as part of their basic training.  
  • Security: Many security companies in Perth require their employees to complete firearms training as a condition of employment, such as cash-in-transit. Requalification for accreditation by WAPOL is required once every 12 months..
  • Military: Members of the military are required to complete firearms training as part of their basic training.
  • Hunting and sport shooting instructors: People who want to work as hunting or sport shooting instructors in Perth need to have a firearms licence and adequate training to do so.
  • Primary Producers: People who want to work in primary production and have firearms as part of their tools (humane euthanasia of animals), may need to operate under a Corporate Firearms licence and undertake adequate training to do so..

It’s important to note that these are examples of jobs that may require firearms training, and the specific requirements may vary depending on the employer or industry. Additionally, firearms laws and regulations are subject to change, and it’s important to stay up-to-date with the current laws and requirements for firearms ownership and use in Western Australia.

What firearm courses do you offer?

CPPSEC3114 Control security risk situations using firearms;
CPPSEC3115 Carry, operate and maintain revolvers for security purposes; and
CPPSEC3116 Carry, operate and maintain semi-automatic pistols for security purposes

(Available for one type only – semi automatic or revolver, or both. Requalification firearm training is also available).

How much does it cost for firearms training in Perth?

The cost of firearms training in Perth can vary depending on the training provider, the type of training, and the length of the course. Here at Paragon Corporate Training our prices for firearms training start at $220 for Firearms Requalification. The full 4 day course for both semi-auto & revolver is $950 for all 3 units. This includes cost of the range, ammunition, targets and provision of all PPE.


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