RSA Training: What You Need to Know to Serve Alcohol Responsibly


Alcohol laws in Australia require all persons serving alcohol to acquire their Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certification. This certification is required across all states in Australia where hospitality venues are responsible for ensuring workers serving alcohol to hold a current RSA. Employers will check the certification on the resume and/or during the interview process. If the individual doesn’t hold RSA certification then this will prevent them from obtaining the job. To ensure you’ll be considered for the position, ensure you have a current RSA certificate.

In this blog, we cover everything you need to know to serve alcohol responsibly to prepare you for your RSA Training. When completing your training, you’ll need to read all content thoroughly. This blog does not replace the content and training required to obtain your RSA

VERY IMPORTANT!  Your spoken English MUST be of a suitable standard to complete your RSA.  Please do not undertake this course if your English is not good.  You will need to know the English words for at least the following, as they are key definitions of the Liquor Control ACT:  For Example: juvenile, intoxicated, licenced premises, eviction, suitable ID, valid, etc.

You will also be required to explain, in clear English, what you would do in dealing with several scenarios dealing with possible under-age drinking (juveniles), intoxicated persons, etc.

What is RSA?

RSA stands for Responsible Service of Alcohol. It’s a certification that you must obtain if you’re planning to work in a licensed venue that serves alcohol in Australia. RSA training aims to provide knowledge and skills to ensure that alcohol is served in a responsible manner, and any negative consequences of alcohol consumption are minimised. 

View our SITHFAB021 Responsible Service of Alcohol

Who Needs RSA Certification?

If you’re planning to work in any of the following industries, you need to obtain RSA certification:

  • Nightclub staff
  • Restaurant workers
  • Bottle shop sales
  • Sommeliers
  • Bar staff
  • Waiters/waitresses
  • Security officers and crowd controllers
  • Licensed club staff
  • Volunteers working at licensed establishments
  • Any other position that is held in a venue that serves alcohol

Once you have obtained your RSA, the certification is transferable across states and will last for 3 years. This means, every 3 years you will need to renew your certificate. At Paragon Corporate Training, your RSA certificate will be issued to you the same day upon successful completion of the course. Some of our previous students have praised Paragon on this efficiency, completing the entire certification within an hour. 

What Does RSA Training Cover?

RSA training covers a range of topics related to serving alcohol responsibly, identifying intoxicated customers and preventing underage drinkers. Additionally, you will gain awareness and understanding of preventative measures relating to drink driving. Upon completion of the course, you will gain new insight into serving alcohol to promote safety for you, your workplace and the customer. 

Some of the essential topics covered in RSA training include:

  • The legal requirements for serving alcohol in Australia
  • Strategies for preventing intoxication and identifying and managing potentially intoxicated patrons
  • Understanding the effects of alcohol on the body and how to recognise signs of alcohol-related harm
  • Strategies for handling difficult situations, such as refusing service and dealing with aggressive patrons
  • Minimising harm associated with alcohol consumption
  • Requirements for responsible advertising and promotion of alcohol

How to Obtain RSA Certification?

Through Paragon Corporate Training we offer classroom RSA training which involves attending a face-to-face training session. The training usually takes around 6 hours, and you’ll receive a certificate upon completion.

Benefits of RSA Certification

Obtaining RSA certification holds great benefits. Not only will you acquire important knowledge related to the serving and distribution of alcohol, but it will also give you a competitive edge when applying for positions. When an employer looks at your resume, they will be checking if your qualifications meet the position’s requirements. If your resume doesn’t include proof of RSA, it could prevent you from proceeding through to the next step in the consideration process. To stay ahead of the competition, obtain necessary certifications before applying for the position.

Obtain your RSA certification from Paragon Corporate Training

RSA certification is essential for anyone planning to work in the hospitality industry in Australia, particularly in serving alcohol. RSA training teaches you the knowledge and skills necessary to serve alcohol responsibly, ensure compliance with the law, and minimise harm associated with alcohol consumption. Obtaining RSA certification offers several benefits, including compliance with the law, increased job opportunities, and improved knowledge and skills. So, if you’re planning to work in the hospitality industry in Australia, be sure to obtain RSA certification.

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