Appreciate your help with all the RPL’s, you run a very professional organisation and I have recommended you to all ex-WAPOL making the jump. – A Duffy

The Cert IV Government Investigations course was extremely helpful, thanks for the great and interesting learning experience. – B. Wallin – City of Busselton.

I just wanted to reiterate again how brilliant the recent courses have been. In particular, today’s course received excellent feedback from all participants and a great appreciation for the training you provided.

On a personal note, thank you for your support and inclusiveness during my time with the Training Unit. I have really enjoyed working with Paragon and learning from you both.  Bridie Faithfull | Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

Thank you for all your help and assistance.  It was a pleasure to study with you and I will not hesitate to recommend you to others. Anna Hall.

I really enjoyed the Cert IV course in Government Investigations. I found it extremely interesting, engaging, and valuable, and I look forward to implementing what I have learned.  – C Hargan – Dept of Primary Industries

I had the pleasure of being instructed by Craig MacKellar in Certificate III – Private Investigations. Craig was supported by a small group of administrative staff who were all very friendly and helpful. Craig has a lot of experience within the investigative industry and took the time to run me through each of the learning areas. The course included a detailed set of documents and was supported by a number of practical tasks/roleplays.

Paragon are responsive, dedicated, very knowledgeable and will do their very best to ensure you have everything you need to pass your course – whether it’s the course I did or another course that they offer. Highly recommended! – S Wilding

5 stars, Excellent course! Excellent instructor!! Highly recommended!!! – Anne Taylor

I would like to thank you for yesterday, in the one day I attended, I could tell your training is of a high standard and is well respected by the people that attend your courses. I have told the team out here at Crown how enjoyable it was and that your delivery of the courses was highly regarded by myself.

I am very excited to finally getting my Investigators Licence. – B Mariotti – Crown Casino

Thank you, it was a great course well presented. I have learnt a great deal. It helps when you have a great group. Regards W Teasdale.
I really enjoyed the course and found it really well run, I believe the content will assist me greatly in my role at Department of Fire Emergency Services. Thank you. T Ramponi – DFES – Project office – Legal, policy and compliance.

I loved both courses very much! Everything was explained in a clear manner and for every doubt that I had, the trainer was there to help me understand. Both courses were amazingly interesting and I must admit, I found them to be the best courses in Investigations that I have ever done. I have done few courses in this field, back in my mother country but they are absolutely not comparable to these ones that you offer. Kind Regards A Sasso

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the information provided to me has been invaluable in assisting me in my current role as HV Investigator. Duncan Watkinson – Investigator Compliance – Main Roads Department

The course was excellent it was a pleasure meeting you and working with you. Your teaching methods are excellent, great information and a lot of humour in the delivery. I have advised that this course is one that all inspectors at Horizon Power should do. We have had courses in the past, with lawyers and Energy Safety, but nothing in comparison to what you have delivered.
Robert Kelly, Compliance Inspector Horizon Power

Hi Craig,
Thank you so much for the education. I came in with no knowledge and by the end I felt ready to be confident with my abilities in applying for the RSPCA Inspector or Ranger roles. Not only that I had a lot of fun and enjoyed my time.
Money well spent. Natasha.

Hello Craig,
I am writing to say thank you for providing an excellent service in regards to the Certificate III in Investigative Services. John is a brilliant trainer who is both knowledgeable and approachable. John’s years of experience is evident in the advice he gives when conducting the training course and providing feedback on assessments. I am very happy with Paragon Corporate Training for the training they have provided and will definitely recommend this course to others.
Kind regards, Kevin Martin

I just wanted to say thank you again to you and your team for providing an amazing course and training facility. I don’t think I have ever found my studies so engaging. You and your team are doing a fantastic job!
Kind regards, Katie Pegler

Just a short note to thank you for week one of Certificate IV. I have learnt a lot and each day I realised there was so much more to learn about the investigation process. Hopefully with practice I will develop my skills. The level of support that both you and John provided has been outstanding – many thanks.
Regards, Lauraine Macpherson, Department of Regional Development.

Good morning Craig
Just wanted to say thank you and that my cert and docs have arrived ! (nice and flat too I might add). Anyway a brilliant course that I thoroughly enjoyed and now I can hang up my cert in my office for… well… me to see.
Tania Lyon

Hi Craig
Thought I’d let you know that I received my investigators licence today I’ve been able to line up work with some contacts in the industry that should keep me busy for a while, also I’ve been out on many occasions observing investigators. Thanks for the excellent course. It was very professional and also personal at the same time. Very enjoyable and informative. My windows are tinted, I’ve got SD cards coming out of my ears and I’ve got some great cameras. Time to go out without the training wheels.
All the best and thanks, Danny Middleton

Hi Craig
Thanks for the course I will definitely use the evidence gathering such as witness statements and record of interview in my position as a valuable tool.
David Dyer, ATCO Gas

Hi Craig,
Thanks for the feedback, it was great to read it. The course was really good and I took a lot away from it. Thanks for hosting us and for your advice throughout the 2 weeks, it made all the difference.
Have a great weekend, Brian, Department of Water

Hi Craig,
Thank you very much for the feedback and for your quick attention to my work. Thanks also for a very enjoyable two weeks, that was presented in a very informative, professional and fun method. I will certainly be recommending the course to other colleagues.
Regards, Paul Shephard, Dept of Child Protection

Hello Craig,
As requested, attached is a copy of my Brief of evidence. Thanks again for your kind hospitality on Friday afternoon and I really enjoyed all the in class activities and to listening to your wealth of experience in the subject matters.
Regards, Walter Law, Manager Petroleum and Geothermal Infrastructure Petroleum Tenure and Land Access

Many thanks for your great work. I have given your details to ACTIV foundation Tim Bowden suggesting your training may be of benefit to them, hope you don’t mind.
Thanks, Department of Local Government and Communities

Hi Craig,
We have been receiving great feedback from the staff attending the cert 1V Investigations course, I just wanted to let you know that we received a call from the Regulatory Authority in Queensland seeking your contacts details as they are interested in running the course there. I look forward to working with you again when we run our next round of training.
Kind regards, Emma Thick, Senior Project Officer, Department of Local Government and Communities, Education and Care Regulatory Unit

Hi Craig,
Thanks for that. Just so you know I have landed a really good job with the Shire of Ashburton as their Compliance Officer dealing with Pannawonica, Onslow, Tom Price, Paraburdoo and Barrow Island. FIFO with 5 day week 38hr week, just brilliant conditions. They knew of your company and training and it helped in the interview process.
Kind Regards, Garth Rider

Hi Craig,
Many thanks in advance, I have found the courses well run and your face to face training in particular is of a very high standard. I feel I have learnt some very good training skills alone from those presentations. Again many thanks.
Garth Rider

Dear Craig and Gavan,
Please find attached my final assessment to complete the investigative course. I have included the client investigation report, surveillance report, evidence list and running sheet. I believe these are the final requirements for the modules CPPSEC3027A and CPPSEC3028A. I would like to thank both of you for providing an informative and stimulating training course. I very much enjoyed the in-house training days and found the on line learning process to be excellent and matched my requirements for studying whilst working full time. I eagerly await my final assessment. As usual, please do not hesitate to contact me for any queries or feedback.
Yours sincerely, K. McNally

I would like to pass on my gratitude to yourself and Alan for presenting a very interesting and informative course. Alan, as the main presenter, deserves full recognition for the professional way in which he presented the course. He is a font of knowledge. He also has an easy going approach which I think is beneficial for students who WISH to learn. As for you Craig, your enthusiasm shines through and this shows in your method of presentation.
Thank you both once again, Vivian, City of Perth

Dear Craig,
I am writing to express my thanks for the training I received recently towards the Certificate III in Investigative Services. Alan Bedwell is a great facilitator and it was tremendous to have the benefit of his and your years of experience in the field. Alan is very approachable and has great patience and a fine sense of humour, all of which he put to good use in helping the members of our diverse group work our way through the training. One of the very rewarding things about the training was gaining new insights into areas I have had prior experience, particularly workplace investigations. There’s no doubt that the course has given me new insights and methods that will improve the effectiveness of my work in this area. Please feel free to use this letter as a testimonial. The training experience at Paragon was absolutely first class and I will definitely recommend you to colleagues who are looking for high-quality training.
Yours sincerely, John Theodorsen, Cert III in Investigations, Director

Craig, REALLY enjoying the course. You deliver it very well. You should be proud of your style. Engaging, sharp and informative Hands down the best course I have ever done, including 5 years at Murdoch Uni. I will be recommending this to anyone I know in this field.
Great stuff, Cheers, Chris, Cert IV in Govt Investigations

Brilliant. Thanks Craig. The course was very enjoyable. I have been on many many self improvement courses in my 24 year career. I have never met anyone that knew their subject so well and commanded a room as well as yourself and Kevin Mancinni. Please pass on my gratitude to Kevin.
Tony, Cert IV in Govt Investigations – Dept of Commerce

Hi Craig,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support and help you provided during my Cert IV course. May I also say that the face to face training was well paced, very informative and delivered in an enthusiastic manner. I would not hesitate to recommend this course and your training organisation.
Kind Regards, Martin Bishop

As part of Western Power’s Significant Incident investigations process upgrade, Paragon Corporate Training provided the Certificate IV Government Investigations training. This training has provided the team with the advanced skills required to carry out quality investigations and to enable in-depth causal factors to be identified. The mix of customised theory and practical exercises ensures the course remained interesting and relevant to our organisational needs.
Stuart McMahon, Senior Safety Advisor, Corporate Investigations Section, Western Power

Thanks for a most professional course, and thanks for sharing some of your experience too.
Graham J.

Thank you so much Craig for your excellent guidance and training. I wish you all the best in the future and do hope one day our paths can cross.
Simon Smith.

Dear Craig,
Thank you for the encouragement on my work it is appreciated muchly. Thanks again!
Regards Nathalie.

Hi Craig,
Thank you very much for your facilitation, participation and patience in finalising the tutoring of my beloved group of Team Members. Overall they are a deserved bunch. From all the guys here thank you. Cheers Craig and I will be in touch later as I will be considering other courses for my guys.
Derek Burling, Manager, Investigation Operations, WA, PIM, Claims and Assessing, Insurance Australia Group.

Hi Craig,
Just to let you know we received our certificates in the mail yesterday and just wanted to say thank you for all your help over the last month.
Thanks again, Kind regards, Alison & Jacques.

G’day Craig,
I hope all is well with you an your family, I don’t know if you remember me I completed Cert 111 with Main Roads and found it invaluable I am looking to complete my Cert IV and was hoping you would be able to tell me when you are next conducting this course. Cheers & Thanks Ian
Ian Whyborn, Ranger (Western Operations), Airport Reporting Officer, Chief Bush Fire Control Officer.

Hello Craig,
After doing this assignment I can certainly relate to the advice that my teacher in Cert 11 and my past and present supervisors have given me of ‘Only arrest someone as the last resort.’ This course has greatly enhanced my outlook of Security Procedures and has given me a greater sense of confidence in doing the job of a Security Officer in the correct manner.
Thanks Craig, Regards, Peter O’Connor.

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